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Lindsay McNicol


Lindsay Reva McNicol was born and Raised in San Diego California and spent most of her vacation time traveling to French Polynesia where her mothers family is from. She took an immediate interest in her Tahitian roots, dedicating herself to the culture and dance that is so unique to French Polynesia. In 2009 she was crowned Miss Pacific Islander of San Diego and shortly after founded Reva Tahiti Productions and Heiva San Diego Cultural Festival that attracts people from all over the world. She is currently the Executive Director at Alliance Francaise de San Diego with the intent of sharing and learning the Culture of France.
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Elisabeth Bergman

Educational Coordinator

Elisabeth Madeleine Bergman was born in France in Britany and moved to Portugal when she was 15. She started teaching French in Portugal as a teenager for pocket money as she learned the Portuguese language and culture. In 1991, after finishing a Linguistics degree at the University of Lisbon, she was offered to teach Portuguese at UCSD where she met a future husband. Elisabeth enjoys teaching French, mostly evening and week-end as she also is a full time employee at CDG, a Boeing Company since 1999. Teacher (and just recently School Director) at the Alliance Française de San Diego since 2009, this is where she share the love of the French language and Culture to everyone who wants to speak that beautiful language.

Marie-France Sanderson

Cultural Coordinator

Marie-France came to Las Vegas in July 2014 and moved one year later to California.. She’s been working previously in Chile in South America for five years and in Washington DC for three years in French schools. She enjoys doing yoga and hiking and spending time with her four years and half son. Since October 2015, she’s very happy to help the Alliance Française as Cultural Coordinator, helping to organize events, looking for sponsors and making promotional flyers
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Helene L.


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Annabelle Moreau


My name is Annabelle and I am 20 years old. As a French-Spanish national and considering my career within an international scope, I chose to pursue my career at San Diego State University for one full year, while also realizing an internship at the lively French Alliance. Before embarking on this californian adventure and as a third-year student at Sciences Po Paris, I have had the opportunity to live at the very heart of the City of Light and enjoy its diverse monuments and numerous cultural activities. Now, here in San Diego, I have no doubt that the Alliance will allow such a fuzzy and rich atmosphere to thrive too. Dynamic, impassioned by languages and creative by nature, I have always been driven by a strong will to both enhance the understanding of the French customs abroad and acquire a better grasp of foreign cultural habits. I am also a piano-player and a dancer. Finally, above all, I seek to share, compare and contrast my European perspective with the American one while weaving an ever-closer link between these two cultures which I so cherish.
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Poeti Bordes


My name is Poeiti, and I am 21 years old. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. As Tahitian and French, I grew up not only being surrounded by white-sand beaches and crystal clear lagoons but also by fields of lavender and the song of the cicadas of my beloved Provence. This has influenced me a lot regarding my passion for travels, other cultures, arts, food and outdoors activities. I came to the US about three years ago for my Bachelor's degree. I recently graduated and decided to join the Alliance Française of San Diego for my internship. The Alliance is a great and powerful organization that promotes and represents the French culture perfectly. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from this experience and people I will have the pleasure to meet.