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Lindsay McNicol


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Elisabeth Bergman

Educational Coordinator

Marie-France Sanderson

Cultural Coordinator

Marie-France came to Las Vegas in July 2014 and moved one year later to California.. She’s been working previously in Chile in South America for five years and in Washington DC for three years in French schools. She enjoys doing yoga and hiking and spending time with her four years and half son. Since October 2015, she’s very happy to help the Alliance Française as Cultural Coordinator, helping to organize events, looking for sponsors and making promotional flyers
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Helene V.


Astrid Mussi


Born in Grenoble, France, Astrid has lived for 12 years in Brussels, Belgium before moving to San Diego in 2011 with her husband and their 2 children. She has studied photographic art, comics and illustration. Astrid has exhibited her photographic work several times, mostly in Belgium. She’s passionate about art and culture, and sharing it with the world. She loves books, and particularly children's literature. She volunteers at the Alliance Française, helping managing the library.